Generous donors and supporters

In grateful memory:
A good friend and our most valued supporter Giorgio. He lost his life to Covid 19. He supported our project with great commitment from the very beginning and was one of our most important contacts and active helpers on site in Italy. He made sure that donations went straight to the right places and was instrumental in making “To Italy with Love” so effective from the start.


Helpers & auxiliary materials

Our motto: We help out of friendship. At eye level.


Lisa Alric-Schnee
Andrew Bannon
Susanne Bayer
Tim Bechtl
Lutz Becker
Amir Borenstein
Jessica Bossert
Klaus Brecht
Dr. Uwe und Barbara Büchner
Jürgen Cornelius
Dr. Claudia Drews
Stefan Garstecki
Wolfgang Ganter
Anke Gillner
Petra Hüttermann & Tom Heim
Christian John
Christine, Peter & Dr. Alexander Kappes
Pirjo, Laleh & Babak Kazemi
Alexandra Kolb
Dirk König
Peter Köwing
Monika Kreilinger
Agneta & Clemens Lansing
Linda Märkl
Dr. Carolin und Dr. Manuel Menzel

Axel & Susann Meise
Burim Morina
Thomas Nestler und Madelon Jord
Natasha Dr. Doslik & Uwe Neugebauer
Yorn Nikolay
Carina & Farid El-Nomany
Sonja Peters
Frank Pfeifer
Manuel Pfeiffer
Roland Pfeiffer
Michael Radermacher
Alexandra und Alex Reus
Rotary Club München Ost
Rotary Club Wien-Mozart
Dr. Norbert Schäfer
Joram & Nathalie Scher
Elke Schuldt
Felix Spanke
Nikola und Frieder Spieth
Peter Spieth
Michael Staudinger
Petra Tisch
Alexander Voelkel
Jasper Walther
Maike Lisa Weiss
Benjamin Wolf

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