How to help us!

Would you like to support the people we help or the To Italy With Love e.V. association with your donation?

Our sustainable work and regular care for the people in Italy would be greatly facilitated by your donation in kind or in money. Donations of money are used by the association exclusively for matters that serve our association’s purpose and would make it possible to procure urgently needed things and to be able to hand them over personally to those affected (e.g. hospitals, communities, aid institutions, other facilities). If required, we will of course be happy to issue you a donation receipt.

We are also happy to receive donations in kind, which in the event of the corona crisis could include protective masks, disinfectants and medical gloves in addition to medical equipment.

If you would like to send us a donation in kind, please contact us.

Who do the donations reach?

As a non-profit association, we ensure that donations in money and in kind are handed over directly and 100% personally to those affected. You can find our projects here.


Dr. Hansjörg Künzel
+49 (0)172 9705000

Founded by: Dr. Hansjörg Künzel & Elke Menzel

Founding members:
Dr. Hansjörg Künzel, Elke Menzel, Klaus Brecht, Alexandra Kolb,
Judith Schmidt, Sonja Peters, Maike Lisa Weiß

You want to become a member or you would like to
to participate with your personal commitment,
then please contact us!

Donation account:
IBAN: DE72 7015 0000 1006 3319 69